Digital drawing for upcoming S T R O K E zine, 2020
Atelier Ledeberg, 2020
Alluminium Winds, oil and lacquer on canvas, 50 X 40 cm, 2019
Bootleg Paintings at Simon Delobel Gallery, Antwerp, 2019
JPEG2000 at Forbidden City, Antwerp, 2019
JPEG2000_02, acrylic on wood, 50 X 40 cm, 2018
The Beautiful Self-Cancel, spraypaint and acrylic on wood, 120 X 80 cm, 2018
Atelier Gentbrugge, 2019
Rauschenberg's Revenge, acrylic, spraypaint and lacquer on wood, 26 X 16 cm, 2018
k7 at Hectoliter, Brussels, 2016
k7 at Hectoliter, Brussels, 2016
Blijf Deze Nacht w/ Elke Van Kerckvoorde at Loods12, Wetteren, 2015